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History Of Album Making

Paul first starting writing and recording music way back in 1987. Back in those days layering technology was basic. It involved recording a part while playing it live on the keyboard, then playing it back and playing another part live to accompany it onto a second recording machine. and so forth. This process could only be repeated upto 4 layers before the sound would start to degenerate. Albums were slow and laborious with lots of messed up takes.

Then in 1995 digital technology took over, still basic but editable. Whole parts could be recorded, edited, tidyed up, and tweaked but the digital instruments were still fairly basic. Now, all these years later, on his fifth generation of software and hardware, and with 30 Albums under his belt, Paul uses state of the art Professional Musical Software to make his music with thousands of instruments and settings. The end product is completely realistic.

Brand New & Forthcoming Albums .........

Just Finished Production in December 2020.

A complete remake of Paul's first ever album from 1988. Paul remade the original album to celebrates its 21st Anniversary in 2009 with a full orchestral version of the piece.

This time he is re-imaging the album from scratch by developing the original themes into modern pieces, using the phenomenal technology of digital synths and instruments at his disposal.

The dialogue of the story is minimalised, this time, to give the music chance to grow its legs, in what 's intended to be a very progressive version of this "tuneful" and "story telling" concept album.

The finished work is available NOW!. It can be ordered on the contact below.

Available Now - Released June 2020

A complete remake of Paul's first progressive album in 1990.

It was an complete experiment in sound in its first format, and largely made in one weekend in May 1989.

Even so some memorable tunes were included in the album.

Paul's 30 years of experience since he first wrote the album, along with the incredible technology abailable at his finger tips, expands this remake into a whole new entity of layers and sounds with developed musical progression of the original ideas.

It results in a stunning new progressive album, not quite like anything else that Paul has produced.

Recent Albums .........

Available Now, a 20 Year Anniversary Sequel To The Original 1998 Album "Virtual Reality". All of the original interpretations are reinvented here, in new forms, with the added bonus of all of the original tracks remixed and enhanced to improve their production. Its now a complete round trip to enjoy in full, well at least until it returns with part 3, "Virtually Real Virtuality" due in 2028.

Available Now - Released September 2020 

Paul's Third Chill Album.

This time its a journey through the moods and emotions stirred by the weather. The album takes you on a journey from glorious sunshine, through the gathering of cumulus clouds, the wonder of a rainbow, the impact of a cloudburst, the violent drama of a storm, a growing frost and a wonderland of snow. This relaxing and immersive experience will take you to a plateu of calm and stimulous balanced in a way that somehow the real weather never quite acheives. Perfect for relaxing in a reclined position with headphones.

Having explored the Ocean Floor with the chill out journey "Oceanic" (See Below), the next venture in this relaxed genre is into the mysteries of interstella space with "Galaxia".

Comets, Moons, Asteroids, Gas Giants and even Orbital Mechanics are represented in this lusious prodution to help you relax and escape into another place. Available July 2019.

Oceanic - 2018 

Paul Carroll's most sophisticated album to date. A chill out journey through the depths of the sea portrayed in beautifully synthesised music. Along the way you encounter life from just below the waves to the luminous creatures of the deep. You visit the Mariana trench (the deepest part of the ocean) and encounter pods of whales, sharks and dolphins.

This 70 minutes voyage should be listened to with headphones or only the very best sound system, to allow you to fully immerse yourself into the experience.

More Recent Albums ........


Preview Video - Taj Mahal

Just Jane  - 2017 -

        This Latest Collection Of  Beautiful Songs By     Paul Carroll's Immensely Talented Wife Jane.

Every Piece Is Either Composed By Paul Or A

Traditional Folk Song. All Beautifully Produced

In this Unique Collection.   Available Now


Space Race - 2016

A 25 year journey through the history of the Space Race from the first rocket launch to man's last footstep on the moon. Beautifully Realised with a unique blend of Electronic Music combined with a full Orchestra.

This Album is wholly inspired by this piece of music >>>

"We Choose To Go To The Moon"

written by Paul back in 2000

A Musical Journey Through

 The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World


The Seven Wonders Of The Modern World

Preview Video - Christ The Redeemer

Preview Video - The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The Mysterious Death Of

Martini The Magician

- 2017 -

The Fun Cast Album Of This Original

Murder Mystery Musical Comedy

Performed In September 2017

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A Taster Of The Opening Of The Album

- The Prologue -

The Satellite That Changed The World

- Sputnik -

The First Man In Space

- Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin -

The Pier - Original Cast Album - 2015 -

A well crafted Album featuring all of the original cast and chorus in a studio recording of all the music from the show.

A result of thousands of hours writing, composing, mixing and editing.

Along with 2 long Sundays spent with the enthusiastic cast, especially the "One Take Basses"

See The Pier Tabs on this website for music samples

Not To Be Missed and Available for order above on this website.

       RAMA    - 2014 -     

RAMA is based on the Arthur C Clarke Novel

"Rendezvous With Rama" published in 1973.

An Interstella object is discovered outside the orbit of Jupiter and then revealed to be a 20km diameter x 50km long cylinder. Commander Norton and the Crew of Spaceship Endeavour are sent to Investigate and discover that the cylinder is hollow and an inverted world lies within it. But is there any life?

The Album is an evolved remake of an earlier version composed in 1994 by Paul Carroll

Released October 2014

Two Teaser Trailers can be viewed below.

The object first catalogued as 2131/439, according to the year and the order of its discovery, was detected whilst still outside the orbit of Jupiter. A first radar contact at such a distance was unprecedented, clearly it was of exceptional size, and then the orbit was calculated and the mystery was resolved to be replaced by a greater one, because 2131/439 was not travelling on a normal asteroidal path. It was visiting the solar system for the first and last time. Mankind was about to get its first visitor from the stars. There was a brief flurry of excitement and the interstellar vagabond was quickly dignified with a name......................RAMA

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