Hook, Line & Sinker - (New Musical For 2021)


Paul's Fourth Musical Is Already On Its Way And This Time The World Of 1960's TV Espionage Shows Are The Target.

In the middle of the cold war, four "Intelligence Services" cast their nets and go fishing for the new female "Overlord" of the underworld but she is as slippery as an eel. It's a pretty kettle of fish, as this old trout has bigger fish to fry.   It's anyones game as they all become fish out of water.

Will the sprat catch the mackerell or will the shrimp get thrown on the barbie?.

Coming Soon

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BLOG  (Updated March 2020)

End Of July 2018

I wrote the begining of this show a few months back, starting on 11th April 2018. I had no intention of seriously writing it just yet, I just had some ideas i wanted to get down to see how they might work. Before i knew it, i had completed writing 3 scenes and composed the opening musical sequence. During the following months i have causally and occaissionally written a few more scenes ad started to develop characters and situations, but not in earnest. But as winter comes along i will be putting a bit more effort into developing it, as i find by writing a little and then standing back, i soon get so many ideas to include that i end up writing, even when i dont intend to.

So let me tell you all about Hook, Line & Sinker. This time i am using fish based syntax. All of the characters are a type of fish, lots of the expressions used are fish based (or is that fish paste). I always thought i could write fish puns forever (same with cars) and by writing this show i am testing myself to see how many i can work into the story.

I always loved 1960's TV Spy shows, when i was a kid and when i see them repeated now, i am amazed at how twee they were. Thursday nights, when i was 8-9 years old, was the centre of my entire week. 7pm-8pm was Thunderbirds and 8pm-9pm was The Man From Uncle. My Dad and i were glued to both every week, it was my one late night. I also became a fan of The Avengers, Randall & Hopkirk Deceased, The Prisoner and Mission Impossible, just to name a few. By the time the 70's versions of these sort of shows had come along with the likes of  The Sweeney, The Professionals and Starsky & Hutch, I had started to move on. So the 60's shows are the ones i am the most nostalgic about.

This show will have lots of characters played by fewer actors (ie each actor has several roles). I have already written a couple of scenes where this happens and the audience watch one actress play the same role in different Intelligence Agencies (so she is British, then does the scene again when she is American, then again when she is Russian and so on.) It sounds silly but it really works and should entertain the audience immensley. I am also bringing down the fourth wall in this show with key characters inner monologues being delivered straight to the audience "Film Noir" style. For example..... "My name is Pond.....Phish Pond!...and you are probably wondering what I am doing here, well let me explain........."   You get the idea.

I am not really doing a James Bond spoof, as its been done so many times before and as a fan of Austin Powers, I need to stay clear of it, however the exception to the rule is the planned opening musical sequence to the show. This will be a parody of the Bond films title sequences with bright smokey background colours with silhouette figures infront falling over their feet and generally getting it completely wrong. The music is already done and fits the style perfectly, so it should be fun to do

I will give a rundown of plot and charaters as they develop, although i am intending to take a quite a long break from this project, so i can concentrate on current ones.

Thanks for reading.

March 2020

As I have had so many set backs trying to stage "Wagon Wheel seven", i have deliberately left this show alone for now and havent written any further script since July 2018. However, as i cant help myself, i have written several more songs for it and now feel its time i revisited it, and moved it forward. So i will be posting further bi monthly blogs on progress.